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Russia Travel - Moscow's Must-See Museums

Russia Travel - Moscow's Must-See Museums

In addition to being the capital of Russia, Moscow is undoubtedly a city to behold. After all, its 10 million inhabitants can't be wrong. Moscow is the most populous city in Europe and is jam-packed with cultural attractions that can help you explore the rich history of Moscow as well as the rest of the region. One of the finest assets that Moscow has to offer is its impressive network of museums that display every aspect of arts and culture. Here are a few of the best museums in Moscow.

State Historical Museum: In addition to offering a comprehensive collection of artifacts from Russia's long history, the State Historical Museum is one of the most stunning architectural displays in Moscow. The imposing red brick building is home to the complete timeline of Russia, from pre-history to the present day. Costumes, jewelry, thrones and paintings help bring the life of Russian rules and local cultures to life.

Yuri Orlov Paleontological Museum: Taking on the task of bringing the entire history of every living thing on earth into one building is quite intimidating, but that's exactly what the Yuri Orlov Palentological Museum attempts to do. As far as we know, the museum does quite well, with more than 5,000 exhibits exploring every facet of life imaginable. From ancient ancestors of yours to the rarest plants and animals, you'll find it all at the Yuri Orlov Paleontological Museum.

Pushkin Museum: The Pushkin Museum has a bit of a smaller scope than the Yuri Orlov museum, but it isn't any less impressive. This museum focuses entirely on Western art, and has a collection of Old Masters work, along with Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings that is regarded as among the best in the world. The collection is so large that it exceeded the boundaries of the original building and some of it occupies an annex.

Moscow State University Zoological Museum: If the Yuri Orlov museum failed to quench your thirst for exploring the history of life on earth, the Moscow State University Zoological Museum can help. This facility features both skeletons, recreations and art featuring rare land, sea and air animals from around the world and across the spectrum of time.

Moscow Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics: If you're yearning for a replay of the Space Race or just want to see the world that lies beyond this one, then you'll find this museum more than engaging. This museum manages to pay homage to the dogs and humans that explored the final frontier while also providing an entertaining and educational experience. Quite unique and enjoyable.

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